Covid Hair-Loss

What We Know About Hair Loss and COVID-19


What does the research say?

COVID hair loss has been reported by several coronavirus long haulers across the globe. Long haulers refer to people for whom COVID related symptoms have not perished within a few weeks. One of the common symptoms is severe hair loss, which can cause immense stress to the individual facing it.

Even though there’s no direct research linking hair loss to COVID-19, it is well known that temporary hair loss is normal after a fever or illness. However, the clumps of hair you’re losing after COVID-19 isn’t hair loss but hair shedding, also known as telogen effluvium. This occurs when more hair strands than usual enter the shedding phase in the hair growth lifecycle, leading to noticeable hair fall. When you’re suffering from an illness, your body directs all its resources towards fighting the infection, which causes stress and may even force more hair into the shedding phase.

Another reason for increased hair loss is emotional stress. With many people worried about their jobs and health during the pandemic, emotional stress and anxiety have peaked, contributing to increased hair loss.

Why could COVID-19 cause hair loss?

COVID-19 can lead you to shed hair at a faster rate due to emotional and physical stress. However, COVID-19 related hair loss is temporary and should stop within a few months of recovering from the disease.

Yet, noticeable hair loss can lead to further stress and worsen your condition. If you’re wondering how to stop hair fall after COVID-19, the first step is de-stressing yourself and checking your nutritional profile to ensure your hair loss is not due to any food deficiency.

If your post-COVID hair fall isn’t stopping, contact a dermatologist to ascertain why your hair fall and start appropriate treatment to protect your hair health.


What are the most common reasons for hair loss?

Hair loss could be due to various reasons, and it’s important to ascertain the cause to get the proper treatment for your situation. Some common reasons include:

Recovering from an illness or fever can lead to hair shedding due to more hair strands reaching the shedding stage in their lifecycle at the same time.

Emotional changes or stress, including childbirth, loss of a job, dealing with death or divorce, and even anxiety, can lead to hair fall.

Hereditary hair loss, the most common cause of hair loss globally, is one of the factors for male pattern baldness in men. Medicines like Mintop Forte Solution and Mintop Yuva Lotion can delay the process of balding when used regularly on a dermatologist’s recommendation.

Improper hair care, such as tying your hair tightly or keeping it pulled back in a way that leads to continual tugging at the roots, can lead to increased hair loss.

Nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance and even some kinds of medication like radiation and chemotherapy can cause hair fall.

Scalp infections can often lead to scaling and bald patches on the head.


What Can You Do About Hair Loss? / How to Stop Hair Fall After COVID-19?

If you’ve just recovered from COVID-19, you may be shocked to see clumps of hair in the shower or while brushing. Here’s what you can do to stop hair fall after COVID-19.

De-stress yourself and indulge in holistic activities like Yoga and meditation to reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

Consult a dermatologist to determine the cause of your hair fall. A doctor can tell you whether you’re suffering from hair fall or hair loss and recommend an appropriate treatment.

Style your hair carefully and avoid chemical treatments and tight hairstyles that pull at the roots of your hair.

Include topical hair serums like Mintop Pro Hair Serum in your hair routine which will help promote hair growth.


Mintop Pro Serum With Procapil Hair Therapy

If you are suffering from hair fall, you need a revitalizing solution and need to consult a dermataologist.

Mintop Pro comprises of Procapil, Glycerin and Dimethicone . regular use of Mintop pro will help in slowing down the hair ageing process. Use it twice a day with other recommendations that you have received from your dermatologist and you will observe that the hair shedding has reduced.

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Mintop Pro comprises of Procapil, Glycerin and Dimethicone . regular use of Mintop pro will help in slowing down the hair ageing process and helps restores scalp hydration and prevents loss of moisture.

How to use: Remove the cap and spray it on the scalp 5-6 times such that the serum evenly spreads on it. Then massage gently with fingers

Use it twice a day with other recommendations that you have received from your dermatologist and you will observe that the hair shedding has reduced.


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