Avocado for hair growth

Avocado Hair Masks That Nourish and Hydrate

If you apply oil to your hair, you can stop it from breaking. Although the human scalp produces natural oil, certain unfavourable circumstances may cause a deficiency of these natural oils. It can cause your hair to become dry and brittle.


Avocados are healthy and delicious, and you can add them to any meal to add nutrition to it. Or you can eat them plain. The rich, creamy texture feels good in the mouth and is highly nutritious as well. (1)

    But did you know about avocado benefits for hair? Avocado oil is believed to offer multiple benefits to the hair. It may reduce dandruff, split ends, prevent breakage, and help in detangling your hair. (2)

      Benefits of Avocado Hair Masks

      Avocados make very healthy and nutritious food. But they also can benefit your hair in the form of a hair mask. An avocado hair mask can possibly benefit your hair in at least four different ways. (3)

        Avocados hair wash

      Hair Moisturiser

      Avocado comes to the rescue to condition hair as it is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and B6. Further, it is packed with minerals, amino acids, proteins, iron, copper, and magnesium. You can apply an avocado hair mask or avocado oil to your hair, which may work as a natural conditioner and add avocado benefits for hair.

        Hair Growth Promoter

        One of the primary reasons for slow hair growth is nutritional deficiency. The high protein and vitamin levels of Avocado might possibly promote hair growth. It could result in healthier and stronger hair.(2)

          Dandruff Prevention

          A major catalyst for propagating dandruff is a dry scalp. Dandruff is caused by dry skin blocking the hair follicles, causing bacterial and fungal infections. The natural moisturising action of an avocado hair mask could alleviate the adverse effects of dandruff.

            Hair Revitaliser

            Has your hair lost its lustre? Is it not bouncy anymore? What can you do to restore its former glory? An avocado hair mask mixed with nutritious fruits like bananas could possibly nourish your hair and revitalise it.

              How to Make an Avocado Hair Mask

              Making an avocado hair mask is quite simple. You only need to use ingredients that are commonly available in the kitchen of any household.

                Making an avocado hair mask

              If you don’t happen to have a particular ingredient, you can buy it from the nearest grocery store or supermarket.

                  You Will Need:

                  • Medium-sized bowl
                  • Fork or an egg whisk
                  • Spoon (to scoop out the avocado pulp)
                  • Knife (to cut a lemon into half or any other fruits or vegetables)


                    Further down, we have provided some good recipes for avocado hair masks. The ingredients differ according to the purpose of the hair mask, but all the recipes contain avocado.

                    • Place the ingredients in the bowl.
                    • Cut the avocado in half (be careful about the stone in the centre!)
                    • Remove the stone and the pulp from the two avocado halves with a spoon.
                    • Add the avocado pulp to the bowl.
                    • Now, mix in the rest of the ingredients in the bowl according to the recipe provide.

                      Voila! Your avocado hair mask is ready!

                        Precautions to Take While Using Hair Masks

                        Using an avocado hair mask may have multiple benefits for your hair. But to get the complete avocado benefits for hair, you need to follow particular procedures and precautions. Here are a few best practices for applying an avocado hair mask to your hair while keeping it safe:

                        • Unless specifically instructed, apply avocado hair masks only to dry hair.
                        • Wash an avocado hair mask off after 20 to 30 minutes.
                        • If your hair seems a bit too oily after rinsing, you can give it a second rinse.
                        • You can also keep a hair mask on overnight, but wear a shower cap to prevent your pillow from getting stained.
                        • If you are using avocado in a hair mask for the first time, conduct a skin patch test by applying a small quantity of avocado to your forearm. Wash it off after 30 minutes. If you don’t experience any allergy, you can apply it to your hair.
                        • While using lemon juice in a hair mask, ensure to rinse your hair thoroughly after 30 minutes. Prolonged exposure of your hair to lemon juice can bleach it temporarily.(5)

                          Types of Avocado Hair Masks

                          Here are some simple avocado hair mask recipes that you can prepare at home and apply for regular avocado benefits for hair.

                            Avocado and Coconut Oil (for smooth and shiny hair)

                            Mash an avocado with a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil. Start applying it to the ends and move towards the scalp. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo after 20 to 30 minutes.

                              Avocado, olive oil, and Lemon Juice (for reducing dandruff)

                              Mix the pulp of an avocado with ¼ cup of olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply it to your scalp by gently massaging in a circular motion. The lemon juice has an antifungal action on your scalp, while the olive oil and avocado moisturise and nourish the hair.

                                Avocado, egg, and Olive Oil (for strength, split ends, and heat damage)

                                Add the pulp of half an avocado to an egg and a teaspoon of olive oil in a bowl and whisk thoroughly. Apply the mixture to your hair and rinse off after a while. The avocado and olive oil moisturise the hair, and the egg adds protein, strengthening the hair, which could protect it from split ends.

                                  Banana and Avocado (for smooth and shiny hair)

                                  Mash a banana and half an avocado in a bowl. Wet your hair and apply the pulp to it. Wash the mixture off thoroughly after 20 to 30 minutes. The high silica content of the banana makes your hair smooth and shiny, in addition to the moisturising action of the avocado. (6)


                                    Are hair masks beneficial to the hair, particularly avocado hair masks? Well, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that they can work wonders with your hair.

                                      Making an avocado hair mask

                                    However, many people have reported that their hair underwent an improvement in using an avocado mask. The fact remains that the hair is dead tissue. It doesn’t change much, but you can improve the condition of your scalp.

                                      You can also follow a healthy diet to nourish your scalp to maintain healthy hair growth. If you use avocado hair masks, they cannot do much harm to your hair. But if you eat avocados, it could be just the perfect form of avocado benefits for hair. (7)

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