Exercise To Grow Hair Faster

Best Exercises To Grow Hair Faster

Daily Exercises to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Daily exercises have long-term benefits. Besides striking a lifestyle balance, it helps restore the natural growth of hair. Performing daily yoga, aerobics, or physical workout helps reduce cortisol levels in the blood (responsible for arrested hair growth). Hair oil secreted during exercises nourishes the hair follicles from root to tip, amplifying hair development.

Benefits like lowered stress, proper sleep, enhanced scalp circulation, and little or no digestive issue help regain hair growth. Here are some physical activities and exercises to grow hair faster-


What Exercises to Perform to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Hair growth gets proliferated when sufficient blood circulation happens around the hair follicle. Performing regular physical activities enhances your heart to pump blood all over the body.

Physical Exercises - Enhances Endorphin Secretion

Do you know endorphins enhance hair growth? The body secretes pain-relievers or endorphins responsible for alleviating the pain. These hormone-like secretions flood the bloodstream after intense physical activities to lower stress, anxiety, and trauma to heal the body. Perform daily running, jogging, swimming, or pursue a sport to make your hair grow faster.


Workout Routines - Reduce Stress Level

Performing workouts like cardio, full-body calisthenics, martial arts, aerobics enhance full-body circulation. An efficient flow of blood nourishes the scalp, ensuring hair growth. Daily practice or performing the same 2-3 times/week boosts self-esteem, lowers anxiety issues, supporting gradual hair proliferation.

Wellness Habits - Regular Care Enhances Hair Growth

Regular hair care is a must for enhanced hair growth. Taking hair massages and acupuncture therapy promotes blood circulation, opens up clogged pores, and amplifies further hair growth. Combing your hair causes proliferation, making the oil spread out from the root to the tip. Strong hairs are robust from the follicles, and regular hair care lowers the damage of existing hair.


Yoga - A Natural Exercise to Hair Grow Faster

Yoga has a proven reputation for reducing stress, anxiety while providing mental wellness. The following asanas (yogic posture) help bolster your hair growth, easy to perform with various lifestyle benefits;

1. Nadi Shodana Pranayama

Also known as "channel cleaning breathing," it acts as an ultimate stress buster, reducing hair loss, encouraging natural hair growth. To perform this pristine asana;

Sit down comfortably on an even surface.

Rest your hands on the knees and legs crossed.

Block one of your nostrils to create a channel of breathing through another. Use your thumb to compress, compress the nasal way using index and middle finger and inhale.

Compress another nostril passage using the ring and the little finger, exhale, and vice versa.

2. Balayam Yoga

Balayam yoga activates the nervous centres when you rub your fingernails on each other. Responsible for bolstering hair growth, arresting greying of hair, or premature hair, Balayam yoga is the easiest of all exercises to grow hair faster. You can perform it anywhere, anytime.

Rub the four fingernails of both hands hard against each other (no thumb).

Perform it for 15 minutes, 4-times/day.

3. Shirshasana

"The headstand posture" is amongst the higher echelons of yogic postures. It channels blood flow directly into the head (scalp included) while staying upside down on your head. Known to cure acute problems like insomnia, Shirshasana helps enhance hair growth on daily performance.

Sit down on Vajrasana pose.

Finger lock your hands and place them on the back of your head.

Place your head down against a firm mat or pillow support.

Gradually life your body until you are upside down on your head.

Use wall as support to climb (it takes years to master Shirshasana)


Factors That Influence Your Hair Growth

The hair cycle is a perpetual procedure of the maturation and shedding of hair follicles. To bolster hair growth;

Lead a stress-free lifestyle

Eat healthy portions of a balanced meal rich in essential nutrients for hair growth (omega-3-fatty acids, vitamin B-1 and B-12, zinc, and selenium)

Perform physical activities

Get plenty of sleep.

Get treated for hair conditions like alopecia or infections triggering hair loss

No addiction (smoking/alcohol)

Inheritance plays a crucial role in hair growth.

Males show a greater hair growth rate than females (the same applies to hair loss)

Individuals above 50 are more prone to experience rapid hair loss than someone in their early 20s



The hair cycle uses hair growth and hair loss to maintain an optimum concentration of healthy hair follicles on your scalp. Healthy lifestyle management and clinical advice help to reduce hair loss. Remember, hair loss mirrors the level of stress built up within. Take good care of your scalp, lead a cautious yet vibrant lifestyle, and feel your hair to the sunset

If you are facing unexplainable hair loss, consult a dermatologist to get diagnosed with any capillary complications.

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