Fruits For Hair Growth

Are Fruits Beneficial For Hair Growth?

You may love eating fruit salads or fresh fruit smoothies topped with nuts. But have you ever wondered – can your hair benefit from consuming these fruits? The answer is simple – yes! Many fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, E, and C, which are crucial for healthy hair. Also, many fruits contain trace minerals like biotin, zinc, potassium, and iron, which contribute to happy and healthy tresses. Read on for a list of fruits for hair growth and exciting ways to incorporate them into your regular diet.

Fruits That Offer Beneficial Results for Hair


Here is a science-backed list of fruits for hair growth that have shown exemplary results:

Indian Gooseberry

Amla fruit extracted from the Indian gooseberry plant has been used for hair hygiene for centuries. The dried fruit of amla, which is often found in shampoo and hair oil formulations, boosts hair growth and fortifies damaged hair strands. Scientific studies show that DA-5512 formulation compromising herbal extracts, including amla, is an effective remedy for hair loss.


Papaya is an excellent source of vitamin A, an indispensable micronutrient that aids in developing and maintaining epithelial tissues, including hair. That means a deficiency of vitamin A can have a detrimental effect on your tresses. On the bright side, the required level of this micronutrient can be easily met by including papaya in your everyday diet.


Those bright red heart-shaped berries, apart from being a delicious snack, are jam-packed with several nutrients. This includes vitamin C, biotin, manganese, vitamin B9, and potassium. USDA states that strawberries also have small amounts of magnesium, vitamin E, and iron. Strawberries' antioxidant properties help expunge toxins from the body and safeguard against free radical hair damage. As per scientific research, its vitamin C content also helps to absorb iron, as its deficiency is linked to hair loss.


Being a powerhouse of vitamin C, lemon can benefit hair by producing collagen that prevents broken and brittle hair. This antioxidant helps combat oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Vitamin C content can also help fight fungal overgrowth and keep those white flakes or dandruff at bay.



Antioxidants in bananas can act as armor against oxidative stress that is a major cause of hair aging. Plus, bananas are also highly moisturizing and can condition tresses subtly and help tame frizz.


Pomegranate, scientifically known as Punica granatum, helps fight against dandruff and lice while also promoting hair growth. A 2013 scientific journal states that pomegranate extract also protects dyed hair from UV rays that can otherwise lead to reddening and yellowing of tresses.

How to Include Hair-Benefiting Fruits in Your Everyday Diet

Exciting ways to incorporate fresh fruits into your diet exist aplenty. You should not limit your intake to fresh fruit slices. Keep it interesting and make fruit juices, salads, smoothies, and even fruit-infused water to bask in the benefits of fruits. Here’s how to add hair-benefitting fruits to your everyday meals:

1. Make Fruit Juices

Drink fresh fruit juices instead of carbonated or sugary beverages. Use a variety of seasonal fruits to make different juices. Add a few vegetables to make the juices extra nutritional.

2. Drink Fruit Smoothies

A fruit smoothie topped with chopped dry fruits is an excellent way to kick off your day. Use a variety of fruits like papaya, strawberry, banana, etc., to make delicious smoothies. You can also add oats and chia seeds to your smoothie bowl to get a decent dose of protein and omega-3s.


3. Enjoy Fresh Fruits Salads

Fruits salads comprising strawberries, bananas, pomegranate, and other healthy fruits make for an exceptional meal for breakfast or lunch. Drizzle some fresh lemon juice on the fruit mixture and sprinkle some ground cinnamon for an amazing flavor. Consider adding julienne of vegetables for a power-packed meal.

4. Spread It on

A savory fruit spread made from the choicest fruits will not only satiate your taste buds but will also benefit your hair. To make the spread take fresh strawberries or raspberries. Heat them with sugar and lemon juice and refrigerate. People with diabetes can use maple syrup or stevia extract instead of processed sugar. You can also try strawberry hummus drizzled with some lime juice.

5. Consume Fruit-Infused Water

Fruit-infused water is an amazing way to keep your body hydrated while ensuring you consume all the nutrients the fruits have to offer. Some great combinations you can try are strawberry and thyme, strawberry and lemon, and pomegranate and mint.

6. Yogurt Parfait

Those fancy layers of Greek yogurt, fruits, and nuts not only look beautiful but taste amazing too. Get a jar and arrange layers of fresh Greek yogurt, defrosted or fresh fruit slices, and chopped nuts. An exceptional way to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying on the healthy side!


Fruits are great for hair health as they are sources of several hair-benefitting nutrients, such as vitamin C, biotin, iron, and vitamin A, to name a few. So, if you want healthy hair along with better hair growth, include fruits in your everyday diet.

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