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How To Maintain Hair Growth After 50

How To Maintain Hair Growth After 50

    Maintain Hair Growth after 50

How to maintain hair growth after 50? This is a very common question that calls for a holistic understanding and approach to deal with effectively. Hair fall can happen during any phase, and some hair fall is normal for all of us. But the problem starts when the falling hair is not replaced with new hair. And this is something that is associated with aging. As our body ages, so does our hair. And it requires proper care and maybe even medication to maintain the growth rate.

    Aging and Hair Loss – How are They Related? 1,2,3

    Hair loss is a very common problem that is associated with aging. This happens mainly because the hair growth rate slows down. It also affects the hair fiber’s structural properties.

      Apart from age, factors like health conditions, diet, genes, etc., also affect the hair growth rate in both men and women. But there are proven ways to minimize and even reverse the effect of aging on hair health. Let's understand the measures that can help maintain hair growth even after 50.

        Proper Care is the Key to Maintaining Hair Growth after 50 1,4

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        • Good Hair Care Routine is Related to Your Lifestyle -

        It is necessary to realize that the lifestyle choices we make directly impact our health and wellness. Thus, one of the key factors in maintaining hair growth after 50 is to adopt a healthy hair care routine and be consistent with it.

          A recent study by Bryant et al. established how individuals with simple and normal hair care routines experience lower hair breakage than individuals who practice frequent chemical treatments and rough hair care routines. Too much washing, use of harsh chemicals, heating tools, blow dryers, etc., are harmful to the normal structure of the hair. Hair practice and products that you choose will have an impact on hair growth.

            • Eating a Balanced Diet -

            Hair growth is related to a balanced nutrient intake. Nutritional deficiencies that arise due to inadequacies in required vitamins, proteins, and minerals in the diet lead to the problem of hair loss. Thus it is essential to have every essential nutrient in your diet in a moderate amount to maintain proper hair growth, especially in women. Including foods that are natural sources of biotin, zinc, vitamins, minerals, and proteins are the key to maintaining hair growth at 50.

              • Choosing the Right Products -

              With several salons available around you, styling your hair with a new look is just a matter of a few hours. But these regimes usually prove to be very hard for the well-being of your hair. Thus, it is important to have proper knowledge about the products that can be beneficial for your tresses. For example, if you plan to go for a color treatment, it is better to know which kind of shampoo and conditioner to choose. Similarly, it is better to apply some heat protectant on your hair before going for heat treatment as this works as a safety coating on the hair. Also, try to avoid using products that contain harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates.

                • Consulting a Doctor to Follow Proper Medication –

                This is probably the most important decision to make. There can be different reason for hair fall or loss in hair growth. And the reasons further vary on an individual basis. From psychological stress to hormonal changes to medical treatments to aging to androgen deficiency, the reason can range from any one or more of these factors and thus calls for proper addressing. With proper advice from a doctor, it will be possible to counter the negative factors that can impact hair growth.


                  One thing that is clear from the above discussion is that hair growth maintenance at 50 cannot be a shortcut process. It is the result of the lifestyle choices that you make combined with your health conditions. Also, the hair care routine and products used play a vital role in determining the overall health of the hair. Thus, it is better to seek professional help to curb the problem of hair fal and maintain hair growth even after 50 at the right time. We all face some hair problems now and then, and the trick is not to ignore them.

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                    Have you been experiencing excessive hair fall over a prolonged period of time? It could be an early sign of androgenetic alopecia. It is a hair loss disorder common in both genders and can lead to progressive thinning and even baldness in some patients if not caught and treated early.

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                    A head full of healthy hair is a matter of confidence. Hair has its own mechanism of growing and shedding, and it is when this mechanism is thrown off that growth is hindered. Especially in the case of males, hair growth faces a lot of hiccups that can easily be managed.

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                    What Are The Reasons For Hairfall?

                    Almost everyone experiences some amount of hair thinning over the years. Shedding around 50 to 100 single strands of hair per day is considered normal. However, losing more than 150 strands a day, experiencing sudden thinning, or developing circular bald patches on your scalp are reasons for concern. Hair loss occurs when new hair doesn’t grow fast enough to replace the amount of hair you lose daily. Hair can fall due to various reasons, with hereditary hair loss and poor nutrition being the most common hair fall reasons.

                    Expert Approved Tips For Hair Growth

                    What can be more debilitating than seeing hundreds of hair strands shedding from your scalp every time you brush your hair? Also, excessive molting occurs during seasonal changes that can be very stressful for you. Although it’s okay to lose between 50-100 strands every day, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, the problem occurs when you start shedding more than normal. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel helpless as there are ways to grow your hair back. Even if you are coping with baldness or alopecia, certain hair growth tips from dermatologists can come to your rescue. Read on to discover how these tips can be your savior when abnormal hair fall problems are in sight.

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