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How to Prevent Hairfall in Summer?

How to Prevent Hairfall in Summer?

    Hair Fall In Summer

Introduction 1,2

Summertime calls for additional protection from the heat, and this caring session is not limited to our skin alone. Hair is equally sensitive to the damaging summer factors and thus needs that extra care and protection. Because hair loss, in any form, can lead to stress, we shall try to understand what causes hair fall in summer and how to prevent it.

    Understanding the Problem 3,4

    Although it is tough to state that there is a direct connection between hair fall and summer, it is a concern that many have complained about. And the findings of some recent studies also suggest similar observations.

      There has been a recent observation made by the Department of Dermatology at Johns Hopkins University. According to this particular research study, people do complain about more hair loss seasonally, namely in summer and fall. The study aimed at investigating the relationship between seasonality and hair fall by taking into account the data from Google Trends.

        According to the findings, on the basis of the evaluation of SVI data mainly in eight primary English-speaking countries, it was concluded that hair loss is most frequent in summer and autumn. Also, according to the article titled “Seasonality of hair shedding in healthy women complaining of hair loss,” similar findings on seasonality of hair loss have been confirmed.

          Measures to Prevent Hair Fall in Summer 5,6,7,8

            Hair Fall In Summer

          • Maintaining a Healthy Diet –

          It is no secret that nutritional deficiencies in diet can cause hair loss in men and women. Thus, be it summer or not, a proper healthy diet is key to maintaining healthy hair habits. Biotin, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D are the essential dietary elements necessary to promote and maintain hair growth. The key is to take the right element in the right proportion, and thus a doctor's advice is highly recommended before going for any supplements or making any change in diet.

            • Taking Good Care of Your hair –

            This is another important requirement to prevent hair fall in summer and all year round. If you are spending a long day out in the sun, then a simple way to protect your beautiful locks from the harmful sun rays is to wear a headcover or a cap. You can also apply some good leave-in conditioner or mist-based SPF spray to create a layer of protection on your hair.

              Another vital point to remember if you are worried about summer hair care is that swimming pool water can damage your hair further. So, if you are heading to the pool, it is better to pre-wash your hair with fresh, clean water to avoid the chlorine water penetrating easily into the hair. Avoiding unnecessary chemical treatments and styling will also help to prevent hair fall during summer.

                • Avoiding Heating Tools –

                Heating tools like hair dryers can cause hair damage. Frequent usage of such tools causes the hair to dry out, makes it rough, and also leads to loss of color. Thus, to prevent hair fall in summer, avoid using heating tools, especially on wet hair.


                  The points discussed in this article attempt to throw light on how you can prevent hair fall in summer by adopting some small yet significant measures. But, it is always recommended to consult a dermatologist to understand the real underlying cause of hair loss for treating it effectively. Hair loss in summer is a common phenomenon experienced by most people. However, you can easily keep this problem at bay with a little prior preparation and a proper hair care routine.

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