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Hair loss and Weight Loss

How is Hair Loss Connected with Weight Loss?

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While hair loss may be something that happens to everyone, it is still challenging to experience. This is especially true if your hair fall occurs in extreme amounts within a short time frame. Not only can this problem cause a multitude of self-esteem issues, but it can also result in several health conditions.

    Over the last few decades, dermatologists worldwide have studied the different causes of hair loss and have concluded that unhealthy diets could result in the same.

      Join us today as we discuss why that is and the best way to stop weight loss-related hair fall.

        The Main Question...What is the Connection between Hair Loss and Weight Loss? 1,2,3

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        As of today, crash diets and diet pills are the main causes of hair loss.

          1) Crash diets

          For the unaware, a crash diet is a type of weight-loss food regime that is undertaken to lose a lot of weight in an extremely short period of time. They typically work by depriving the body of necessary nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fat, and certain types of vitamins and minerals, all of which are required to grow and retain hair strands.

            In most cases, these symptoms can be reversed if the individual goes back on a well-balanced diet. However, it may take some time for that to happen.

              2) Weight loss pills

              Believe it or not, alopecia, a disease that results in a severe amount of hair loss, can actually be caused by the ingestion diet pills or weight loss pills.

                Certain medications are prescribed to individuals who are very obese and require help losing weight.. Here, the main symptom of this issue is the thinning and drastic reduction of hair strands around the head's vortex.

                  What do you do if you Experience Hair Fall?

                  Losing 25-100 hair strands daily is considered normal and should not be a cause of concern. However, if you experience extreme hair fall, we recommend doing the following:

                    1) Stop taking your diet pills or crash diets

                    As seen from the case study above, weight loss pills could cause adverse reactions that could result in you losing hair. As such, we highly recommend stopping your medication the moment you start noticing hair fall.

                      Further, maintaining a healthy and stress-free lifestyle along with a nutritious diet is important for optimal hair care. Visit your dermatologist for any hair fall-related complaints to get an optimal diagnosis and management plan.

                        2) Go to a dermatologist

                        As with other illnesses, the type of treatment prescribed for hair fall greatly depends on the causes of the same. It is therefore imperative that you visit your local dermatologist when you start excessively losing strands. In most cases, the doctor will check your scalp and conduct a few tests on the same. They may also ask you questions about your medication, diet, health, and genetics, such as whether hair fall runs in the family.

                          Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor may ask you to change your diet and may even ask you to visit a dietician who will help you do the same. They may also prescribe a variety of medications.

                            Hair loss, especially when occurring out of the blue, can be an alarming experience. However, if it is caused by weight loss or a bad diet, the symptoms can be reversed.

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