Alcohol And Hair Loss: Are They Connected?

Does Alcohol Consumption Disrupt Hair Growth? Here are the Facts


You must have heard the phrase ‘Alcohol consumption is injurious to health.’ But did you ever think about whether alcohol damages your hair or not? You will find the answer in the following sections.

    Alcohol consumption, along with other factors like stress, sun exposure, smoking, etc., is responsible for hair loss in men and women. Research shows that women are more vulnerable. (1)

      This article answers the question, ‘ does alcohol cause hair loss?’ and decodes the myth and research surrounding alcohol and hair loss to help you make a better decision for yourself and your family.

        Alcohol and Hair Loss - Is There Any Relation?

        Alcohol generally dehydrates our bodies and increases our blood sugar level. It also disrupts sleep and modifies estrogen levels. All these reasons are responsible for hair loss. The following sections contain the top reasons why alcohol is believed to cause hair loss:

          Alcohol Enhances the Blood Sugar Level in Human Body

          According to the Institute of Medicine, an ordinary healthy individual needs around 30 μg Biotin per day. (2,3) But, overdosage of glucose in human blood might do more harm than good.


          Alcohol is a known source of sugar. Medical experts have found that while moderate alcohol consumption may increase blood sugar, excess alcohol might decrease the blood sugar to exorbitantly low levels. Moreover, sweet wine and beer may increase the blood sugar level because of the presence of carbohydrates in them. Additionally, alcohol increases hunger forcing you to overeat and absorb the sugar in the process. And, alcohol also affects the effectiveness of insulin or oral diabetes medicines. (4)

            Hence, controlling your blood sugar level is imperative if you want to take good care of your hair. And since alcohol may spike the blood sugar level, exercising restraint will be a better decision.

              Alcohol is Correlated With Dehydration and Might Make Your Hair Dry or Brittle

              Because it is a diuretic, alcohol can enhance urine production and dehydrate the body. Alcohol also impedes the flow of antidiuretic hormone in the human body, thereby causing diuresis.(5)Since the human body is composed of 55% to 75% water, dehydration can have many adverse effects on the human body, including improper functioning of gastrointestinal and urinary systems. (6) Besides dehydration’s harmful effect on vital bodily systems, it also impacts human hair negatively. Dehydration leads to poor skin strength and elasticity, causing irreversible damage to the hair shaft and follicles. It may also make the skin dry, causing itching and eventually leading to scalp damage. (7,8)

                Hence, by promoting dehydration, alcohol causes severe damage to bodily organs, including the skin and hair.

                  Alcohol May Take Away Vital Nutrients from Your Body

                  You must consume nutrient-rich food to keep your body active and hair strong. Unfortunately, many adults suffer from nutritional deficiency because of one reason or the other. People drinking alcohol are more prone to vitamin or mineral deficiencies. The most common vitamins and minerals getting affected due to alcohol consumption are Vitamin B12, Calcium, and Zinc. (9) And, low nutrient absorption will cause hair loss.(6) For instance, zinc has a prominent role in keratinization, which aids the formation of hair follicles. (10) Inadequate zinc levels in the body may disrupt the process of keratinization and may even lead to telogen effluvium, a condition where hair loss increases insanely. And in the worst case, zinc deficiency may lead to follicle underdevelopment, also known as follicle hypoplasia.

                    Girl shining hair

                  Hence, alcohol may deplete nutrient levels in the body and cause permanent damage to hair follicles. Although you may take hair loss supplements to contain the damage, they can never replace the need for a proper diet and alcohol-free life.

                    Do You Smoke and Drink Together? Stay Cautious!

                    Smoking and drinking together push your hair to the edge. Usually, people smoke while drinking, and this habit is dreadful for hair. Nicotine, a key component of cigarettes, damages the hair and skin. It narrows down the blood vessels and impedes proper blood flow. Hence, your hair and skin might not get the necessary oxygen and nutrients, causing your hair to become dry, brittle, and non-lustrous.

                      How to Reduce Hair Loss Due to Alcohol Consumption?

                      From consuming a balanced diet to drinking plenty of water, there are many ways to reduce the harmful impact of alcohol on hair. Here is what you should do if your hair gives warning signs after you consume alcohol:

                      1. Stop Alcohol Consumption - While a can of beer or a glass of wine might look innocent, you must evaluate your hair condition before indulging in it. If you observe that your hair is becoming dry or brittle, you may conveniently blame alcohol. And, stopping the intake is often the best thing you can do.
                      2. Increase Your Fluid Intake - If you feel alcohol has caused extensive damage to your hair, you must increase your water intake. Water can flush out the residual alcohol and purify you from inside. However, increasing fluid intake must follow a blanket ban on alcohol consumption.
                      3. Make Ample Room for Nutrients - Consuming foods rich in nutrients like Zinc, Iron, and Calcium are imperative when your target is to reverse the damage caused by alcohol. A good starting point would be a blood test to determine the nutrient level in your blood. Include leafy vegetables like spinach, lean protein like chicken breast, healthy fats like nuts, fruits, and whole grains in your diet to give your hair a new lease of life.
                      4. Massage Your Scalp Massage your scalp regularly to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. You may purchase a scalp massager to do it like a professional. Alternatively, you may do it with your nails.


                        Now that you know the answer to ‘does alcohol cause hair loss?’, it’s time to take action and follow the tips mentioned in this article to avoid losing hair due to alcohol consumption. And, if you need more help, a hair loss supplement can offer you comfort and improve the quality of your hair.

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