Does Biotin Work For Hair Loss Prevention?

Does Biotin Really Work For Hair Loss Prevention?


It is not hard to find articles or advertisements promoting the benefits of biotin supplements for hair loss prevention and hair growth. However, is Biotin really good for hair? Although it is widely accepted that Biotin, or Vitamin B-7, works wonders for hair loss prevention, researchers are still waiting for conclusive evidence to validate this claim, at least on healthy individuals. (5)

    Scroll down to discover the facts before deciding whether or not to use biotin supplements for hair loss prevention.

      What is Biotin and How is it Related to Hair Care?

      Biotin or Vitamin B-7 is a water-soluble and commonly found vitamin in hair care and cosmetic products. The vitamin is naturally found in nuts, unpolished rice, legumes, spinach, mushrooms, egg yolk, etc. Biotin plays a crucial role in protein synthesis and keratin production. (1)

        Keratin is a protein found in human hair, nails, and skin. It improves the thickness, depth, and glaze of the hair. Since biotin aids and enhances keratin production, it is believed to prevent hair loss and aid hair growth.

          sources of biotin

        According to the Institute of Medicine, an ordinary healthy individual needs around 30 μg Biotin per day.(2)

          However, people often take up to 1,000 μg of Biotin through supplements every day. While no negative after-effect of excess Biotin has been found so far, the positive effects are equally subdued.

            The Role of Biotin for Hair Loss Prevention

            Is Biotin good for hair? You can find the answer in the following paragraphs.

              As previously mentioned, Biotin aids keratin production, and keratin is a vital component of hair. An adequate amount of keratin is essential for retaining the glow and lustre of human hair. Since Biotin increases keratin production, you can expect your hair to become thicker and stronger. Also, the stronger your hair, the lower are the chances of split ends. Hence, you can expect longer hair life and better hair quality.

                Biotin proves especially helpful for people suffering from uncombable hair syndrome. People suffering from uncombable hair syndrome often find their hair dry and fizzy. Moreover, the hair may become silvery blond or straw-coloured. Some medical reports show that Biotin supplements have worked wonders on these patients. A limited dose of Biotin supplement has improved their hair growth rate and quality. (3)

                  Research by Fujimoto et al. found that Biotin aided hair growth in an infant on a specific amino acid formula. The infant had an extraordinarily low amount of Biotin in serum and urine. The infant also has alopecia and perioral dermatitis. The infant was administered biotin supplements for two (2) months. The result was startling - there was an acceleration in the infant’s hair growth.(4)

                    According to the Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board, infants must consume between 5 and 6 μg Biotin every day, while children aged from 1 year to 13 years need to consume between 8 and 20 μg Biotin per day. The amount of Biotin increases to 25μg per day for adolescents and 30μg per day for adults. For pregnant and breastfeeding women of all ages, the Biotin requirement is between 30 and 35 μg Biotin every day. (2)

                      Can You Use Biotin for Hair Loss Prevention?

                      As previously discussed, Biotin works best for people suffering from some specific diseases like uncombable hair syndrome. Since ordinary healthy individuals take Biotin through food, you may also skip extra consumption of Biotin. But, sometimes, people are allergic to or do not like the taste of some Biotin-rich food. It is advisable to consume Biotin supplements during such times.

                        Biotin is responsible for protein synthesis and cell production. Since Biotin enhances Keratin production, it may make your hair stronger and lustrous. Biotin may also help minimize thinning hair and revive the hair texture. Besides the direct benefits of Biotin on hair, it also affects the hair indirectly.

                          Biotin aids energy-producing metabolism and macronutrient metabolism. It also strengthens the nervous system, thereby preventing hair loss.

                            Therefore, a moderate amount of Biotin is essential for preventing hair loss and increasing the thickness and strength of your hair. But, you should consume Biotin only if you are deficient in the vitamin.

                              What is the Best Way to Use Biotin for Hair?

                              Generally, food is the best source of Biotin. To maintain the required level of Biotin in your body, you can consume Biotin-rich food like nuts, spinach, legumes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc. However, if you have any allergies or do not like to eat Biotin-rich food, you might need to intake it through Biotin supplements.

                                Best Way to Use Biotin

                              Although various Biotin supplements are available in the market, you should ideally consult a doctor to find the accurate dosage of Biotin in the supplement. While overconsumption of Biotin might not cause any serious damage, it may lead to insomnia, excessive urination, and hyperglycemia (excessive thirst). (5)

                                Are Biotin Supplements Good for Health?

                                Biotin supplement is good for hair and health when consumed within a limit. Although excess consumption of Biotin supplements might lead to some health problems like hyperglycemia, as Biotin plays a crucial role in controlling postprandial glucose. (5)

                                  Hence, diabetic patients must be careful while including Biotin supplements in their diet. Generally, Biotin has no side effects since the excess Biotin in the body is flushed out through urine. Therefore, Biotin is good for health since it aids Keratin production and improves the nervous system’s efficiency.


                                    Biotin is an essential vitamin required by the human body and is good for hair. However, as with any vitamin or mineral, over consumption may lead to some complications. It is wise to consult a doctor to check the level of Biotin requirement in your body before purchasing a Biotin supplement.

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