Benefits Of Using Rice Water

Why Applying Rice Water Get You Healthy Hair?


Rice water solvent is a traditional hair care recipe practiced across Southeast Asia nations (China, India, Japan, Korea, Vietnam). During the Heian era (8th-12th century AD), Japanese women had hair strands touching their feet, and the secret was daily hair care using rice water. Known for its highly nutritious stalk containing essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, rice water for hair growth is a homegrown recipe that nourishes hair follicles, restores damaged hair roots, and replenishes your hair health. This blog explains the role of rice water in hair growth and why you should try this 1000-year-old DIY recipe.

    Benefits Of Using Rice Water

Preparation of Rice Water 1

Rice water is the inedible extract left after soaking, boiling, and fermentation of rice. There are 3-types of recipes:

    1. Soaking rice water recipe

    Follow this preparation when you are short of time:

    • Take quantity sufficient rice in a bowl
    • Rinse it thoroughly to remove husks and impurities
    • Fill the container with clean water
    • Leave the rice soaked in for half an hour
    • Filter and strain for future application

      2. Boiling rice water recipe

      You can extract rice water while boiling or cooking rice. It gets you thick stalk filled with raw nutrients extracted from the rice seeds while boiling.

      • Heat the washed rice in a container
      • Add 4 cups of water against 1 cup of rice
      • Strain the rice and separate the rice water
      • Leave it open to cool and store for future use

        3. Fermenting rice water recipe

        Fermented rice water contains more nutrients than plain soaked rice water. It's abundant in antioxidants, considered amongst the most nutritious rice water for hair growth. Recipe includes

        • Washing and soaking rice (follow soaking rice water recipe)
        • Leave it over 48-hours
        • Strain it clean
        • Store for future usage

          It's a popular recipe since rice is the staple diet in Southeastern Asia. You can also consume the rice after preparing rice water for hair growth.

            Benefits Of Using Rice Water

          Benefits of Applying Rice Water to Your Hair 2

          Rice water for hair growth enhances hair growth in existing follicles and has no balding inversion properties. On applying rice water from the mentioned sources over 4-weeks, the observed benefits include:

          • Detangling of hair strands
          • Enhanced hair lustre (hair appears bright and soft)
          • Reduces dandruff
          • Make your scalp healthy
          • Lowers hair infection
          • A protective layering of hair from root to tip
          • Reduces brittleness of hair follicles (hair fall decreases)
          • Hair gains volume
          • Hair growth observed (regeneration of hair follicles)

            Unlike commercial hair conditioners, rice water has a balanced pH and doesn't require dilution. It promotes hair growth. Besides, it has no role in the restoration of hair follicles in bald patches.

              Ingredients of Rice Water

              Qualitative analysis of rice water suggests it contains nearly 80% of starch. Rice water contains inositol, a vitamin B-complex (vitamin B8). Inositol helps reduce hair loss, repairs damaged hair follicles, preventing further hair damage. It acts antagonist to DHT, helping lower pattern baldness-related hair loss. Ingredients of rice water include:

              • Amino acids
              • Antioxidants
              • Folic acid
              • Vitamin B complex
              • Vitamin E
              • Vitamin K
                Benefits Of Using Rice Water

              Applying Rice Water to Your Hair 3

              Rice water shows embalming effects on hair follicles. Without proper and daily application, the mentioned benefits are not possible. While it's encouraged not to apply commercial conditioners directly on the scalp, rice water for hair growth acts as a two-in-one conditioner and moisturiser. Here's to the application of rice water in your hair:

              • Wash your hair
              • Put shampoo
              • Rinse your hair thoroughly before applying rice water
              • Apply rice water to your scalp
              • Massage and rinse to spread out from root to the tip
              • Let it settle for 30-minutes
              • Rinse and wash it off using warm water

                Never apply cold water to wash off rice water. It causes coagulation of existing starch, making hair follicles sticky and susceptible to trapping dust particles. You can use rice water daily or 2-3 times/week as per your hair wash routine.


                  A time-tested recipe, rice water helps grow robust and long-lasting hair. It does wonders on both short and long hair lengths. A 100% natural and safe preparation, it's a popular choice responsible for restoring hair texture. Besides, it costs nothing compared to paraben- containing hair conditioners that damage your underlying hair follicles.

                    Embrace the goodness of nature with rice water for hair growth recipes and sport that glossy and strong hair of your dream.

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