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What Causes Hair Loss In Teenagers?

What Causes Hair Loss In Teenagers?


The problem of hair loss is not only restricted to grown-ups and old-aged people. Even teenagers can suffer from it. Hair loss in teenagers can start and persist due to several reasons, both medical and non-medical. It is important to identify the correct cause of hair loss and then adopt proper treatment to address the problem of hair loss in teenagers.



Malnutrition – Not maintaining a proper diet can lead to malnutrition, giving rise to hair loss in teenagers. Teenagers often end up following a rigorous diet, which impacts their overall health and that of their hair. When the body is not getting the correct amount of vitamins, minerals, and protein, it cannot support hair growth properly. Please remember that nutritional deficiency can affect hair structure and hair growth.

Medicines – This is a very common and genuine cause that can lead to the problem of hair loss in teenagers. Sometimes, when due to an illness, they take medicines that might cause hair loss, they can experience the same. Medications used to treat acne, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and of course, cancer can cause the hair to fall out. Also, diet pills with amphetamines can give rise to this problem amongst teens.

Medical Treatment – Some specific medical conditions, like diabetes, thyroid , and other endocrine hormone conditions, also trigger teens' issues. The hormonal imbalance in teenage girls that occurs due to polycystic ovary syndrome also results in hair loss problems. Lupus can cause hair loss too.

Fungal Infection – This is another commonly found condition in teenagers that makes them suffer hair loss. Tinea capitis is a common fungal infection seen amongst children. It can cause scaly hair loss patches to develop on the head and calls for proper anti-fungal treatment.

Trichotillomania – The known age of the onset of Trichotillomania is between 10 to 13 years. This is a “debilitating psychiatric condition” in which one develops the tendency to pull out one's own hair, leading to hair loss. The triggers to pull out the hair can be sensory, emotional, or cognitive. Reasons behind Trichotillomania are psychological or emotional dysfunction or social anxiety. This can develop baldness and cause damage to the hair length.

Androgenetic Alopecia – Androgenetic alopecia , a common cause of hair loss in both males and females, can even show its mark during the teenage years.

Exposure to Chemicals – Too much exposure to harmful chemicals also makes teenagers face the problem of hair loss early on in life.

Styling and Rough Treatment – Hair abuse or non-maintenance of hygiene and hair care routine also make teens face unnecessary hair loss. Too much hairstyling into different patterns and rough brushing can be one of the most common but easily ignored reasons behind hair loss in teenagers.

Stress – Stress is a major cause of hair loss among individuals irrespective of their age. Teenagers often worry about a number of different situations such as school, exams, family problems, peer pressure and the changes in themselves due to adolescence. All these together can result in stress-related hair loss in teenagers.

How to Treat Hair Loss in Teenagers


1. Balanced Diet - First and foremost, it is important to eat a balanced and healthy diet to enjoy healthy hair. Our outer bodily aspects are the reflection of what is happening on the inside. Healthy hair and a healthy diet are interrelated. So, if you are in your teens and face hair fall, please consult your doctor. Some changes in your dietary chart may be all that you need to treat this problem. Including the required amount of necessary nutrients in your diet can help solve the problem of hair fall.

2. Following a good hair care routine – Maintaining a proper hair care routine is very important to treat the problem of hair loss in teenagers. Consulting a doctor and knowing what products to use to ensure appropriate hair care will also help.

3. Consult a Doctor Our body shows many signs and symptoms that we cannot understand on our own. Identifying the reason behind the hair loss is very essential to select the proper treatment for the same. Hair loss can be triggered due to some internal medical conditions and treating that will help fight the problem in a better way.So, always consult a doctor who can help you identify the actual cause and provide a solution accordingly.

4. Wearing a Wig – Hair loss can cause mental distress, and more so with teenagers. There are many ways to disguise baldness. Wearing a wig or a hair cover will look fashionable and will also provide a quick remedy


Please note that hair loss amongst teenagers is treatable with the right diagnosis. But what is important is identifying and not ignoring the problem. Timely treatment will help to solve the problem of hair loss in teenagers in a more effective manner.

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